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347/365 Jesi at the SMUG

We had a great turn out for the Utah County SMUG event held at the studio with 40 photographers joining in to learn more about portrait lighting. I feel a bit crazy standing up to teach anything as I am learning as I go, but I'm always happy to share anything I do in hopes it helps others.

Jesi was my model for the segment I shared and was both kind and patient as we moved lights around and pointed at the shadows changing on her face. This is a crop of the final image I created using a short lighting setup, reflector for fill and a couple of other lights for the background and hair light. Starting with one light we slowly built in each light for a more dynamic photo.

Here is the original image from which I made the cropped version.

Be sure to watch for a possible time-lapse video from some GoPro cameras we stuck in various places in the studio.

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