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348/365 Ornamental Detail

I'm sure I get all kinds of strange looks when I am wandering a store or standing in line and making photos of little details around me. I find it the best way to occupy my time when I'm waiting for someone else or waiting for a line to move. Not that I care what others think either; in fact I find many people are intrigued enough to ask about what I'm shooting or at least take notice.

This was an ornament in a store shot with my iPhone. I was pretty happy with the detail after a little enhancement in LightRoom for contrast & clarity.


  1. How did you get such a clear shot with your iPhone? I must be doing something wrong.

    • Jeremy

      This one required some LightRoom and PhotoShop to get the details to pop out more. It definitely did not come out of camera like this. Unsharp Mask and some B&W overlay layer helped get there.

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