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350/365 R.I.P Old Man

Yep, I'm officially old. Goodbye to my youth. Had a great time getting funny and fun gifts for my birthday. Thanks to all that can laugh with me about hitting the big four oh. Time for my mid-life crisis; who wants to gift me a nice convertible?


  1. I’ll join you in 2 years! Although I think I’m already hitting the mid life crisis, but instead of a Corvette I’ll take camera gear! I’m not looking forward to the beating I’m going to take when I turn 40, I’ve been pretty ruthless to those older than me and I know they want payback..

    • Jeremy

      Sounds like you deserve every bit of the beating you will receive 😉 I just can’t believe I’m this old. I haven’t accomplished near as much as I thought I would be now!

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