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354/365 Joseph Smith Christmas Bokeh

I had a great time tonight participating in the 5th annual Photowalking Utah Temple Square event. Though I've been here several times to make photos of the lights, I always enjoy going to these events not only to make photos, but to hang out with some great people. Always a good time to be had.

As I was just up making some photos of the lights after Thanksgiving, I tried to find new scenes and ideas to shoot. I did repeat some of my favorites while showing my sister-in-law some cool compositions, but that's never a bad thing either.

Here are a few others from the night.

Thanks to all those I was able to say howdy to, and the fun hangout later at Applebees too!


  1. You are so full of it! Like your’s better than mine!!

  2. PS, did you use flash on the Joseph Smith one?

    • Jeremy

      No flash on this. Not sure where the light source was to give the statue some light, but it was getting some good ambient light. In fact I had to lower the exposure on the statue a bit.

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