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362/365 G.A.S.

This is a Zack Arias term, G.A.S. or Gear Acquisition Syndrome. I admit I have it at times. I've been pretty good this year overall, but still I do like me some new things to play with. Fortunately I can attribute this acquisition to my wife picking on my less than subtle hint of a web site link. These are mini-lenses that you can attach to your iPhone (or any camera phone) for some creative options. They've been fun to play with so far and I hope to make good use of them for some differences in my camera phone shots.

This photo was made with the iPhone using the macro lens attachment from this assortment of lenses. Sharpened and processed on the iPhone as well using the BeFunky app.

Here's another shot from the day using the wide angle lens for a little close up, distorted view of a Fender amp at the Sammy's in Pleasant Grove.

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  1. Christy

    My husband frequently has G.A.S. (no pun intended,that I’ll ever admit anyway). =) It is fun to try new stuff, and now I’ve got it for those little lenses. So cool!

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